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The diner. The epitome of American cuisine. It’s a place where you can order breakfast or lunch, a milkshake or coffee at any time of the day without judgment. The first diner was curated way back in the 1870’s by Walter Scott who served blue collar workers from the back of his horse-pulled wagon. While diners have come a long way since then, they’re still whipping up simple, quickly cooked and inexpensive meals like eggs and bacon and burgers and fries.

Through the evolution of the diner, guests have enjoyed not only the food that’s served but all the characteristics and quirks that make a diner a diner. At Bessie’s Diner inside the JVL Airport, we’re more like an elevated diner, literally. (There are planes flying in and out every day.) We like to think we’re a step up from a greasy spoon, but we keep intact the friendly service and casual atmosphere people know and love about traditional diners.

Here’s what makes a diner a diner, according to the folks at Bessie’s:

The Comfort Food

Before you even step foot in a diner you know what to expect. A menu that’s filled with breakfast options like eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles and hash browns, all cooked on a piping hot flat top grill. You’ll also get lunch options like burgers, club sandwiches and French fries. Have you tried Bessie’s “hundred dollar hamburger”? It’s worth every penny.

The Friendly Service

At a diner, customers are more than “regulars,” they become friends. From the moment you walk into a diner you’re greeted with a smile and taken care of by someone who is caring and knowledgeable. The long counter at diners makes it easy for guests to strike up conversation with one another over coffee or a milkshake.

The Casual Atmosphere

Whether you’re getting off work, meeting friends for lunch or having breakfast with the family, a diner is a welcoming place for everyone. There’s no dress code, the menu is simple and the music makes you feel good. It’s a no-frills spot where you can have fun, eat well and take your time. Whether you come alone or with a group, we’ll have a seat for you.

The Lunch Counter

When we think about a nostalgic diner of the 1950’s, it’s the lunch counter for us. While Bessie’s hasn’t been around for that many years, our long lunch counter with chrome accents and vinyl seats is a popular choice among guests looking for a true diner vibe. It’s a front row seat to the kitchen and the only thing between you and your server, who’s ready to keep the coffee coming.

Bessie’s is your diner destination where comfort food, friendly service and our warm and casual atmosphere is at the core of what we do. Elevate your next breakfast, lunch or brunch and come see us at Bessie’s!


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