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When flying around Wisconsin, Bessie’s is a must-stop, and our latest featured flyer agrees! Wayde found out about Bessie’s while researching our neighbor and flight school, Elevation Air. He came to the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport to check out the school and get his hands on a $100 hamburger. Wayde’s passion for flying soars with each flight and a trip to Janesville is always rewarded with a brunch experience unlike any other. We caught up with him to learn more about his experience flying to Bessie’s.

What sparked your interest in flying out to Bessie’s with your friends?

I found a map of all the restaurants on or near airports of Wisconsin on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website. I later found out the name of the restaurant at the Janesville Airport when I came to look at the flight school next door, Elevation Air. So, a couple of the flight students at Colgan Air Service and I decided to take a fun trip to Bessie’s Diner for breakfast. What a beautiful flight! You can check it out here.

What was your experience like at Bessie’s?

It was great! The food was great, and the staff was friendly. Definitely coming again and hope to bring my dad and brother next time.

What airport do you currently fly out of?

I currently fly out of La Crosse Airport (KLSE)

Where do you typically fly to?

I typically fly to Dodge County Airport to visit my aunt and uncle.

What is your dream flying job?

I don’t know for sure what my dream job is. I just know I love flying. I would however like to be either a mission pilot or fly for the DNR. But it feels like the Lord is directing me toward a mission pilot in the Philippines because I was just offered to fly a plane there.

Any words of advice for aspiring pilots?

It’s entirely worth it! Yes, it will definitely be hard at times, but doing flights like these every once in a while, is the best way to recharge to keep pressing forward on your career or hobby.

What’s your favorite part about flying?

Sharing my love and experience of aviation with others. Seeing the joy on my passenger's faces and obviously the views!

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