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Bessie’s latest Featured Flyer is a newcomer to the skies. Gubio has had his private pilot license for just over a year, but he’s already putting it to good use flying his family around the Midwest and of course, to Janesville to have some of the best brunch you can find, and maybe to brag about getting a $100 hamburger!

While Gubio has only been flying for a short time, word spread fast amongst pilots about Bessie’s Diner, and he knew he had to make the trip to try it out for himself! Since then, he’s been coming back bringing along with him his wife, son and daughter to make it a whole family affair!

How long have you been flying? What’s next for you?

Got my PPL (private pilot license) in February 2021, then added my complex and high performance endorsement. I’m planning on starting my IFR (instrument flight rules) this spring.

What sparked your interest in flying out to Bessie’s with your family members?

Great reviews of food and airport, and most pilots in the Midwest know about Bessie’s, so it was a must do with the family.

Bessie's Frequent Flyer

What airport do you currently fly out of?

KPWK-Chicago Executive Airport

What is your dream flying job?

For me it is just for fun, but since my day job is in supply chain/logistics I would have focused on flying cargo. Maybe I will still do that as a “retirement job”.

Any words of advice for aspiring pilots?

Training can be frustrating, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

What’s your favorite part about flying planes?

For me it is the challenge of multitasking and the reward and freedom flying gives me. It allows me to focus on something else other than work. Some people golf, others meditate, I fly planes.

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